Busy Week of Nalitari


Nalitari has had an eventfully productive 4-day weekend. From Friday to Monday their weekend consisted of workshops, preparation for their upcoming performance, and of course, dance. The mission of Nalitari to include more members and widen the scope of their dance vocabulary has recently been put into overdrive. In only four days, Nalitari has exposed a whole new world of dance to the members and non-members alike. Causing them to explore and appreciate movement in new ways. These new ways created new experiences for everyone who participated.

To start off the weekend festivities, Nalitari had their first ever R&B workshop lead by their new and temporary intern, Michelan Marie Le’Monier. Michelan, also known as Mimi, travelled from Brooklyn, New York to work with Nalitari for a month in hopes of learning more about inclusive dance and using her lessons to better her community in America. With the help of her partner, Muhammad Hasan Asari, the R&B workshop was dedicated to teaching people to have more confidence in their bodies and to have fun with movement through the basics of R&B dance. Although majority of the members were unfamiliar with the style of movement, the participants showed a lot of enthusiasm and willingness to be a part of the process.

Continuing with that process, founder of a new arts organization, DanceSequence, Karenne H. Koo travelled from Tucson, Arizona to instruct an inclusive experimental movement workshop on Monday, 23/7. The workshop showed the participants how to form and fill in shapes, know how to understand and respond to each other’s movements, and learn how to feel movement, as well as the movements of others. With Koo’s guidance, the space was filled with freeform movement, positive energy, and physical (as well as emotional) bonding. Needless to say, everyone discovered something new that day.

Nalitari has proven to not only be inclusive in the members they take in, but also in the kind of dances they learn and teach. Nalitari is an open organization motivated to introducing various dance styles and trying to keep everyone versed in multiple dance forms. As for the days inbetween the works, that time has been used to rehearse for their performance on Thursday, (26/7) at the Planet Pyramid at 5pm. It was a performance worth seeing! Here about it in next week’s blog!

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