Good Goodbye

The last week of August was full of final activities, closing events, and goodbyes for Nalitari. For starters, U.S. intern, Mimi, hosted her last workshop with Nalitari on Friday (10/8) at Gayam16. The workshop focused on internalizing theater techniques and learning how to apply them to dance performance; mainly focusing on the use of facial expressions and emotional connections to movement. During this workshop, the similarities between performing in theater and performing in dance were explored. Members got to pass around energy and practice how to react to the type of energy they were given, play fun games aimed at opening up the members, and get them to rely more on their facial expressions to display emotions. But the day wasn’t all fun and games, it was also the members last chance to say goodbye to Mimi’s partner, Hasan, who had to leave to start the school year in Surabaya. Towards the end, things got emotional as everyone took turns giving their sentiments and parting ways. Although, the workshop was filled with a lot of activities, everyone seemed to have a good time and Hasan will be greatly missed.

It was also a very emotionally, yet festive night for Nalitari on Wednesday (16/8) when they had to give more goodbyes to their other intern, Mimi, at their last performance that evening. The performance was for VIA’s 2nd annual final presentation for the summer internship. At this final presentation, all of the interns for VIA’s 2018 summer internship had to showcase and explain everything they’ve done with/for their NGO (Non-Government funded Organization) during the past 4 weeks with them. The place was full of various VIA interns, VIA fellows, VIA staff, and other NGO organizations who came to witness the experience.

For Mimi, Nalitari performed a puppet-like marionette piece that summarized her eye-opening experience with Nalitari. While the concept was created by her, the piece was choreographed with the help of Mbak Nurul and the Nalitari members that performed; zabeth, Angel, Lutfi, Duwi, Linda, and Nurul, as the puppets and Irvan as the puppet master.

It was an eventful last couple of days with the Nalitari family. Hopefully, it won’t be the last time they see Mimi and Hasan. Either way, both parties seemed touched by this amazing experience and the memories will stay with them forever.

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