Moving Forward with DICE

Just like when we roll the dice in a games, we move forward

Nalitari Leadership Team has never been this busy before because this year, we are honoured as an awardee of DICE (Developing Inclusive and Creative Economies) Fund by British Council the United Kingdom. DICE Program awards 29 collaborative projects between one UK-based organization with another organization from five countries in the world; Brazil, Egypt, Indonesia, Pakistan, and South Africa. Nalitari collaborates with We Are Epic from Leicester, UK.

Kick off meeting with We Are Epic
Nalitari Leadership Team and Anthony and Laura Evans from We Are Epic, UK

DICE program starts March 2019 and it is projected to finish by March 2020. During that duration, collaborative work between Nalitari and We Are Epic aims to strengthen Nalitari as a sustainable organization without overlooking our essential core as an inclusive organization. For our kick-off meeting in March 2019, Anthony and Laura Evans from We Are Epic delivered series of training and mentoring. We reconstructed Nalitari’s structure, governance, and strategy. It was a brain-boiling meeting since there were many things to discuss. Some objects and questions occurred and caused the constructive discussion even more intense. However, the kick-off meeting was extremely fruitful. Nalitari currently has a solid statement in explaining themselves, clear organizational structure, proper operational flow, and strategic plans in place. For example, at present, Nalitari has a firm style guide and arranges an exact schedule for our jamming program.

Align with DICE Grant mission; the further aim of the project is to cascade the practical knowledge in developing inclusive and creative economies. Based on the knowledge gained from the meetings with We Are Epic, Nalitari holds mentoring to two other organizations, namely Nalitari Cafe in Bali and Askara, an inclusive media company. We had our kick-off meeting with Askara this month. With the Nalitari Cafe, we have been developing simultaneously since March 2019. Tiara, Co-Director of Nalitari has travelled to Cambodia to conduct research on the inclusive cafe.

Tiara (second from left) with team of Epic Arts Cafe in Kampot, Cambodia

The first quarter of the project duration has passed, and Nalitari has been implementing many necessary things to develop as a sustainable organization. However, Nalitari retains many things to accomplish. Hence, please stay tuned on our media channel for more updates and factual information!


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