DICE Week Experience


A proverb in Indonesia says ‘Tak kenal maka tak sayang‘, and in English, it means ‘if you do not know it then you will not love it’. It accurately describes my relationship with DICE. 

When it was announced that the Nalitari and We Are Epic project was among the grantees, we were absolutely thrilled. We viewed this incredible opportunity as a way to extend our effort spreading the practice of inclusivity within local organizations. However, speaking frankly, I had a narrow perspective on DICE where I saw its role was only as a tool for Nalitari to develop and share. I had not known DICE as a whole, left alone what other DICE collaborators do for their projects. Therefore, the score of affection and sense of belonging were still around five out of 10.

During DICE week last May 2019, I naturally built a genuine feeling of love and affection, and it lasts even afterwards. Who’s this love for? It is for the DICE program and everyone involved in it. DICE week managed to widen my perspective. It introduced me on how rich and deep the goals, meanings and mission this program brings. 

Formerly, I knew DICE solely from the perspective of Nalitari and We Are Epic collaboration. There are other 28 collaborative projects but I did not associate with them deeply enough to be affectionate. I attended the virtual convenes that brought all collaborators together but the information I got was only a surface. Things have changed during DICE week when I got the chance to connect with other collaborators and understood how diverse and ambitious their collaborative projects are. Everyone has a burning spirit and passionate enthusiasm to achieve noble goals through their social businesses.

During the collaborators convening, I discovered a quite interesting yet surprising fact that there were only three collaborative projects focusing on working with people with disabilities. However, DICE Global team made sure that each focus of the collaborators is comprehensively covered. They invited experts in various specific topics and provided the opportunity for us to discuss the issues related. I privately talked with British Council staff working in disability and inclusion around the world and discussed the current issue faced by Nalitari. 

DICE additionally provides a nurturing environment. This spur me to become more confident and challenge me to achieve ambitious goals progressively. I also realized how lucky I was to get the opportunity of being part of DICE community. I become more grateful and am undoubtedly inspired to make the most of this rare opportunity. And as I can relate to DICE personally, my affection developed even more. 

At the present moment, DICE Program is not merely a tool for me. It is a catalyst, secure space, and collaboration platform for making social impacts in a sustainable way. Therefore, I declare my love is currently nine out of 10 after DICE week. And for the remaining 1 point, let it be a space for extensive evaluation and introspection so that we constantly strive to be better than today.

Written by Yoana Wida Kristiawati
Program Manager of Nalitari
DICE Collaborator

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